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Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Village of Argenta Board of Trustees met March 19

By Michael Abella | Jun 26, 2019

Meeting 07

Village of Argenta Board of Trustees met March 19.

Here is the minutes provided by the board:

Call to Order: Mayor Luedke called the meeting to order at 6:00 p.m.

Roll Call: Mayor Luedke and Trustees Logan, Kaufman, and Pagel were present. Trustees Barker, Crowder and Hanna were absent. Also in attendance were Deputy Rigg, Street Superintendent Ken Smith, and Clerk Sherry Koszesza. Residents in attendance were Michael Ryan and Jim Boose. Pledge of Allegiance

Consent Agenda:

1. Approval of Board Meeting Minutes of February 18, 2019 #19-02-18 R02

2. Approval of Disbursements #19-03-18 D03

3. Approval of Bank Reconciliations #19-03-18 BR03

4. Approval of Closed Session Minutes #19-02-18 E01

5. Approval of Special Meeting Minutes #19-02-25 SM01

 Trustee Logan moved and Trustee Kaufman seconded to approve the Consent

Agenda as presented.

Upon a call of the roll, the vote was:

Logan = Yes Barker = Absent Crowder= Absent Kaufman = Yes Hanna = Absent Pagel = Yes

Motion carried.

Public Comment: There was none.

Recognition of Visitors: There were none. Department Reports:

1. Law Enforcement Report. Mayor Luedke introduced the Village’s new Deputy, Trevor Rigg. He said has been trying to slowing down speeders.

2. Village Staff Reports. Street Superintendent Ken Smith said the Christmas lights are down. There was a water main break on Friday. It was behind the bank. There was a sink hole by the post office. Ken had to drain down the ground water to work on it. The township helped with the main break and the sink hole. Paul Middleton helped with the Christmas lights. Trustee Logan asked if the sand by the sink hole will hinder the flow during the spring. He asked about culverts on Water Street. He asked about the road and how the water flows during heavy rain. He is concerned about his apartment building flooding. He said the Library parking lot gets flooded when it rains heavy. Trustee Pagel said that we need to get the drainage up to par. Ken said that years ago, there was a study that recommended a 36” tile but only a 24” was put in.

3. Mayor’s Report. AIM is working on WCIA Our Town Argenta festivities. Anyone can help or participate. On June 7th WCIA will be filming here all day. She attended a conference in Springfield. There will be a Jeff Landis memorial ride April 27th at Bargenta.

4. Attorney’s Report. There was no report.

Old Business:

 Discuss/Approve donation to CEO Program. Mayor Luedke said that they could make it contingent on Oreana matching our contribution. This item is tabled.

New Business:

 Approve Ordinance #19-03-18 Ord02, 2019-2020 Appropriation Ordinance.

 Trustee Pagel moved and Trustee Kaufman seconded to approve the 2019/2020 Appropriation Ordinance #19-03-18 Ord 02.

Upon a call of the roll, the vote was:

Logan = Yes Barker = Absent Crowder= Absent Kaufman = Yes Hanna = Absent Pagel = Yes Luedke= Yes

Motion carried.

Trustee Logan asked about a couple of bills. He wanted to know about the Basket Case Catering bill and one of the attorney bills. He asked why the Village and the Sanitary District couldn’t be under one roof. He thinks that everyone could get more information to residents at one meeting. Mayor Luedke doesn’t know if they can be combined. Trustee Pagel said that there was a ballot question about combining entities but it was voted down. Trustee Logan doesn’t like the fact that it looks like to the residents that the village is in control of the sewer bills. Trustee Pagel said that he has never been to a sanitary district meeting. Ken told the board about the legal settlement that the village got from the contractor after the sewers were finished. Mayor Luedke can check with Attorney Ed Flynn to see what is involved in dissolving the ASD. Trustee Logan asked what other entities there are. There is the zoning board. Trustee Logan also asked about the pay for the trustees. He isn’t comfortable with the pay. He said meetings aren’t that long. Clerk Koszesza reminded the Board that they can opt for no pay at any time. Trustee Logan asked if there are any areas that we could let go to prairie grass to save on mowing. Ken said that we mow parts to keep the village from looking bad. He said that if we make the residents mow routinely, we should keep our grass mowed. Mayor Luedke said that we have to keep it mowed for mosquitoes also. She said that just last week a couple had come to town and said that Argenta looks so nice. Ken said that Oreana has 2 guys mowing in the summer.

Closed Session:

Open Session:


 Trustee Kaufman moved, and Trustee Pagel seconded, to adjourn at 6:43 p.m. Upon a call of the roll, the vote was:

Logan = Yes

Barker = Absent

Crowder= Absent

Kaufman= Yes

Hanna = Absent

Pagel = Yes

Motion carried.

Meeting adjourned.

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