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Monday, March 30, 2020

Village of Warrensburg Village Board met February 18

By Philip Gonzales | Mar 20, 2020

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Village of Warrensburg Village Board met Feb. 18.

Here is the minutes provided by the board:

CALL TO ORDER: Mayor Maloney opened the meeting at the Warrensburg Village Hall on Tuesday, February 18, 2020 at 6:00 p.m. reminding those in attendance that the meeting was being recorded.


ROLL CALL: Present: Mayor Maloney, Trustee Ewing, Trustee Fisher, Trustee Hackl, Trustee Hood, Trustee Lock & Trustee Oakley. Also present were VAC Hundley, Chief Wheeler and Atty Jankowicz.

MAYOR’S COMMENTS: Mayor Maloney had received a response to the request for a zoning board member. He had given a copy of the information to each board member and was going to ask the resident to attend the next board meeting if possible.

Work is still progressing on the Dollar General store. An email had been received today from their marketing department in regards to a soft opening by the end of April and a grand opening 2 – 3 weeks after that. David Zaske, who works for Pepsi Services, had let Mayor Maloney know they had moved their order for Pepsi products to be delivered April 2 or April 3, which is earlier than previously requested. Trustee Fisher reported on a couple of visits he had made to the Dollar General site.


NEW BUSINESS: The website proposals from Lacey Wright were discussed. Mr. Hawkins asked if anyone had checked out the website for the Village of Maroa and stated they have included business advertising on their site. That might be something to consider. Other proposals had been received from MuniCode and recently another proposal had been received from ProudCity, which was well over $5,000.00. Trustee Hackl moved and Trustee Ewing seconded to accept the proposal from Lacey Wright using Quote 0001, which is $396.00. This includes the website design and training from Lacey and $96.00 to WordPress for their premium plan. Roll call vote: Yes – Trustees Lock, Ewing, Hood, Fisher, Hackl, & Oakley. Motion carried.

REVIEW/APPROVAL OF MINUTES: Minutes of the regular session meeting of February 3, 2020 were presented for review. A motion was made by Trustee Lock, seconded by Trustee Hood to approve the minutes of the February 3, 2019 regular meeting as presented. Motion carried.

VILLAGE ADMINISTRATIVE CLERK: Village Administrative Clerk Hundley presented the accounts payable, balance & transfers sheet for February 18, 2020, along with the budget to actual reports.

All of the transfers shown are the normal monthly transfers with the exception of the IL Funds transfer to PPF. Trustee Lock questioned why it was different and it was explained that it can vary in amount and not always needed.

VAC Hundley explained the invoice shown for Health Alliance and she believes they have gotten the premiums calculated correctly. This is for the March coverage.

A motion was made by Trustee Hackl, seconded by Trustee Lock to accept the balance sheet, make the proper transfers and pay the bills as discussed. Roll Call vote: Yes – Trustees Oakley, Hood, Ewing, Lock, Fisher & Hackl. Motion carried.

ENGINEER: Stephanie Brown was present and stated they were still waiting for the Environmental approval for contamination etc. An email had been submitted to IDOT about the Preliminary Engineering Report.

She asked about MFT for 2020, whether the Street Committee had met to discuss any projects and Trustee Hood mentioned shoulder/road side improvements which could be made along E. Main.

Farm Credit of Illinois does give $500.00 grants to 4-H or FFA organizations for planting or fixing up of sign areas.

Stephanie had met with Teri Hammel with the Decatur Visitors Bureau as to if there is any assistance that could be requested for new signs.

WATER: Trustee Ewing reported that a proposal had been obtained for a Meter Reading System. It was $30,680.00 and didn’t feel it was cost effective at this time.

BUILDING: Trustee Fisher reported he had been checking on 224 W Main along with the progress on Dollar General. 224 W. Main had been keeping the building secure and had put a new roof on it. They have also done some interior work.

FINANCE: Trustee Oakley reminded the board members about the upcoming deadlines for the budget process. He will make sure everyone has the figures for 10 months and asks that the board members have their budget info to him by the 2nd meeting in March so the budget can be approved on or before the 2nd meeting in April.

Trustee Oakley had been talking with Shari Lannon with USDA and held a finance committee meeting to discuss exactly what the USDA is concerned with. They mostly look at Fund Depreciation account, which is meant to set aside funds for replacement of short-lived assets such as pumps, motors, water meters, etc. So, we’ve been putting funds away in 2 different ways for meters. They also review the Debt/Reserve which they consider a “rainy day fund” which could be used for one year’s payment should it be necessary and it is usually capped at $75,000.00. The Fund Depreciation account could be used at any time but the Debt/Reserve account would require approval from the USDA.

Trustee Oakley explained what the average cost is for meter replacement and what it would be if all had to be replaced at one time. The finance committee in conjunction with the water committee discussed establishing a fund for infrastructure and using the funds that are currently going to the meter fee replacement account along with a portion of the plant maintenance. We could rename the items on the utility billing to indicate this change. (It will not increase the utility billing at this time)

Trustee Ewing moved and Trustee Lock seconded to change the line item on the water billing from Meter Fee to a new term Infrastructure and also include $2.00 of the Plant Maintenance fee to the Infrastructure fund and for Atty Jankowicz to update the current ordinance with this change. Trustee Fisher questioned whether the 2% or CPI would still apply. Roll call vote: Yes – Trustees Ewing, Hood, Fisher, Hackl, Oakley, and Lock. Motion carried.

Trustee Oakley presented information in regards to some of the 30 or so bank accounts we currently have. Trustee Oakley moved and Trustee Hackl seconded to consolidate the following accounts: Street Equipment savings into Street Vehicle savings; Sewer Savings into Sewer checking; and to create a new IL Funds account for Water. Roll call vote: Yes – Trustees Lock, Fisher, Hackl, Oakley, Hood & Ewing. Motion carried.

Trustee Oakley reported on some conversations & negotiations he had with both ordinance codification proposals. General Code has agreed to reduce their initial cost to $10,000.00; provide the full online tool for $395.00; and will limit the cost for FY20 to $1,000.00. The draft of the new contract should be reviewed by the attorney and he will draft a new ordinance to cover this agreement. Trustee Oakley moved and Trustee Hood seconded to approve the contract with General Code as presented for codification of ordinances. Roll call vote: Yes – Trustees Hackl, Oakley, Fisher, Lock, Ewing and Hood. Motion carried.

STREETS: Trustee Hood mentioned they had been working around on a 10-ton floor jack and it had been taken to Halsey Co. Halsey believes it can be repaired for around $400.00 and if it still doesn’t work, the Village wouldn’t owe anything. Halsey does have 2 used ones for around $1,500.00. Trustee Fisher asked if any other company had been looked into. Trustee Hackl stated he is concerned about the safety of using this jack even if repaired. He knows the work Halsey Co. does can be trusted but how long would the seal last. It was reported a brand new one with a warranty could be purchased for $2,195.00. A motion was made by Trustee Hood, seconded by Trustee Ewing to purchase a new 10-ton floor jack with a cost up to $2,195.00. Roll call vote: Yes – Trustees Fisher, Oakley, Hackl, Hood, Ewing and Lock. Motion carried.

POLICE: Trustee Lock reported on the Q & A meetings the Police Department had scheduled for the public on February 13. No one showed for either meeting. 2 other sessions will be held on February 27 and Trustee Lock will make sure it’s posted on social media. There are some handouts available if someone would come in with questions.

Chief Wheeler mentioned that when the codification is done, if the Village could look at making all the ordinance violation fines be made more consistent.

Harold Hawkins asked how the vehicle incidents reported at the last meeting had turned out.

SEWER: Trustee Hackl mentioned that Dollar General had been told about the sewer line which runs under their parking lot. Atty Jankowicz cautioned the Village getting involved with lines which are on private property. Trustee Fisher stated that once any resident or business tap into the Village main line, it becomes their responsibility for any repair or replacement if it is on private property. This has been discussed with the contractor by Danny Hadley.

Trustee Hackl reminded the Trustees and employees that Sexual Harassment training has to be completed by December 31. It was mentioned it should be done annually by everyone and a certificate is usually available upon completion. Also, the Open Meeting Act should be reviewed.



A motion was made by Trustee Ewing, seconded by Trustee Hood to adjourn. Motion carried. Meeting adjourned at 7:40 p.m.

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