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Sunday, April 5, 2020

Village of Warrensburg Village Board met January 21

By Philip Gonzales | Mar 20, 2020

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Village of Warrensburg Village Board met Jan. 21.

Here is the minutes provided by the board:

CALL TO ORDER: Mayor Maloney opened the meeting at the Warrensburg Village Hall on Tuesday, January 21, 2020 at 6:02 p.m. reminding those in attendance that the meeting was being recorded.


ROLL CALL: Present: Mayor Maloney, Trustee Ewing, Trustee Fisher, Trustee Hackl, Trustee Lock, and Trustee Oakley. Also present were VAC Hundley, Chief Wheeler and Atty Jankowicz. Absent was Trustee Hood.

MAYOR’S COMMENTS: Mayor Maloney reported the Joint Review Board meeting for TIF had just concluded and mentioned those in attendance.

He had spoken with Dollar General and all the concrete work had been completed. Framing should begin shortly.

A question had been raised since there is no longer a DPW, what procedures should be made for snow removal. Trustee Hood had been contacted and some guidelines were drafted by Public Works employees and reviewed by Mayor Maloney. A copy is in everyone’s packet and if there are any questions, they can be discussed during Streets.


NEW BUSINESS: Tim Hoffman from the Warrensburg CornFestival was present to discuss the proposal for electrical upgrades. The labor for the upgrades will be donated and the approximate cost would be $4,232.24 and they hope to be a little lower if they can obtain the distribution boxes for a lower cost. Since some of the upgrades are being done on park district properties within the Village, it would be a good idea to do an inter-governmental agreement with the park district.

Tim mentioned that main bands had been booked for Thursday (Stars Go Dim), Friday (Boy Band Review) and Saturday (Canaan Cox).

Mayor Maloney asked if the board wanted to proceed with the proposed electrical upgrades costs or hold off. A motion was made by Trustee Fisher, seconded by Trustee Oakley to approve the electrical upgrades as proposed for the amount of $4,232.24, with funds from the Corn Festival. Roll call vote: Yes – Trustees Lock, Ewing, Fisher, Hackl & Oakley. Motion carried.

Tim also mentioned the Ham & Bean and Chili dinner at the Fire House on February 8 from 3:00 – 6:00 p.m. Auction items and raffle tickets are available.

James Bonneville from MuniCode was present to talk about the proposal for codification of the Village Code. He mentioned the 5 main items they would be looking for in doing the codification: compliance; obsolete provisions; conflicting ordinances; duplicate ordinances; and sunset provisions. They will then prepare a recommendation for review. After the review, they will conduct a webinar for the Village to go over with the attorneys. Changes can be approved or changed at this point. There are several products which can be used after that date. He explained several of the costs presented.

Macon Co Environmental Management has refundable grants available for Community Recycling. Since the application is not due until March 2, Mayor Maloney will follow-up and obtain more information.

REVIEW/APPROVAL OF MINUTES: Minutes of the regular session meeting of January 6, 2020 were presented for review. A motion was made by Trustee Oakley, seconded by Trustee Lock to approve the minutes of the January 6, 2019 regular meeting as presented. Motion carried.

VILLAGE ADMINISTRATIVE CLERK: Village Administrative Clerk Hundley presented the accounts payable, balance & transfers sheet for January 21, 2020, along with the budget to actual reports.

A bill to Vulcan Materials had been coded for streets but should probably be coded to MFT. Trustee Oakley asked about the items charged to video gaming expense. The bill for Macon Co ETSB could be charged to contracts and if we are going to continue to purchase flags, we should start budgeting for that. Trustee Oakley mentioned the invoice for Sikich which had been held from the prior meeting. He had talked with Sikich and was comfortable with the overage they had charged for assisting with working on cleaning up some of the entries. He also mentioned the transfer from the TORT fund to the General Fund. A motion was made by Trustee Lock, seconded by Trustee Ewing to accept the transfers & balance sheet and pay the bills as discussed. Roll Call vote: Yes – Trustees Oakley, Ewing, Lock, Fisher & Hackl. Motion carried.

ENGINEER: Nothing.

WATER: A committee meeting was held on January 13. A report on it will be forthcoming. One has also been scheduled for Wednesday, January 22 @ 6:00 p.m. regarding the EPA report.

BUILDING: The metal had flown off the sign at the Cenex property and it laying in the parking lot.

FINANCE: It’s time to start the FY 2021 budget process. A schedule will be forthcoming.

Dave Mizer was present to discuss the Health Alliance billing. He discussed whether employees were covered under COBRA or Illinois Continuation. Dave had also discussed with Atty Jankowicz whether the trustees could be reported using a 1099 or if they could use a W-2. Several conversations had taken place and a couple of the documents presented to Health Alliance showed the trustees and a breakdown between full-time and part-time employees. If a group has 20+ employees, Group insurance is primary and Medicare is secondary. Under 20, Medicare is primary. Health Alliance reduces the rate significantly if Medicare is primary. Dave has asked Health Alliance to freeze the account until this is resolved instead of asking the Village to pay the premiums as requested and then wait for a credit. The Village is in a position to be recognized as having under 20 persons and should be able to get everything corrected back to October. If there is a formula to be applied, what is it and how should it be calculated?

Mayor Maloney asked if we need to pay the premium proposed effective February 2020. Trustee Oakley felt we should pay only what we expected it to be. A motion was made by Trustee Oakley, seconded by Trustee Hackl to pay the Health Alliance base premiums for January & February up to $5,800.00. Roll call vote: Yes – Trustees Ewing, Fisher, Hackl, Oakley, & Lock. Motion carried. While several on the board felt it was unfair to impact VAC Hundley’s payroll, she was quick to state it wasn’t just her payroll because the entire premium for the Village was increased in error.

STREETS: Since Trustee Hood was absent, we will hold off discussing the proposed Snow Removal Guidelines unless someone has a question to be addressed tonight. It can be discussed at the next meeting.

POLICE: Trustee Lock had met with Trustee Fisher (former Police Committee Chair) and Chief Wheeler to get up to speed with the transition to this department. He passed out a draft of a letter which needs to be put in with the February utility billing to explain the purpose of the referendum. Chief Wheeler has also compiled some yearly statistics. Both documents can be included on social media and the website in order to get as much information as possible to the residents prior to the March primary. The dates for the next Village board meetings will also be included in the letter. There will also be 2 informational dates set for the public to bring questions before the police department and/or the Village board.

Chief Wheeler reported on the removal of the portable toilet at the range. Due to some changes, the range may not be used for established classes at this time. He reported the general strength of his staff is down in numbers at this time and may want to establish guidelines as to what would be required to remain on the staff.

SEWER: Trustee Hackl had been talking with Danny Hadley and Cody Willis. He has a concern with some new things on the Sewer side and thinks the board needs to ask Danny to spend some extra time looking over the sewer paperwork for a 2nd set of eyes. He felt Danny should be compensated for this additional obligation.


OTHER AND/OR OLD BUSINESS: Lacey Wright had been in the Village Hall to see our current website and discuss what we would like to see in a new website. She will prepare a proposal. If anyone has anything they would like to see, let Cindy know.

A motion was made by Trustee Hackl, seconded by Trustee Ewing to adjourn. Motion carried. Meeting adjourned at 8:19 p.m.

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